Mini - Roughly 4 inches x 4 inches. Colors & patterns vary. 

Perfect size for covering a glass or mason jar!


Made from organic cotton fabric, locally sourced organic beeswax, pine resin & organic jojoba oil.


Why use BeeWrap?

· They are reusable & sustainable — ditch the cost of plastic!

After 6+ months worth of regular use, we can re-wax them for continued use.

· Thanks to the beeswax & jojoba oil, they have antibacterial qualities that help keep your food fresh!

· They are compostable! When you are done with them, cut them into pieces to be put in the compost or utilized as a fire starter.

· They are an all natural way to store your food!!!


Care Instructions:

Utilize a mild soap and wash in cool water.

Lay flat or hang to dry.

Fold & store under 70 degrees.



When it starts to loose its stickiness, contact us and we will re-wax it for FREE!




Mini BeeWrap