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Gardening is a constant experiment, no matter your level of experience.

In an effort to help you enjoy it to the fullest, we have compiled the following documents to share information that we have found useful in ensuring a plentiful harvest. Happy Gardening!


This document was created by Know Your Roots to provide basic tips on how to continue to sucessfully grow your heirloom plants. 

It also shares details about how your plants got started and definitions in regards to such. 

This document was created by Know Your Roots to provide basic tips on sun & spacing  requirements for most plant types. 
It also shares details on when to plant and soil preference. 
This document was created by Yayassan IDEP Foundation and outlines which crops benefit and antagonize each other. 
It also provides tips for natural insect repellents.
This document was created by Know Your Roots and provides growing tips for fig trees.
It also provides photos & descriptions of the fig varieties offered. 

When it comes to organically growing a garden, Mother Earth News has been educating on how to be sustainable and self reliant since 1970!

 They offer a comprehensive crop guide that takes you crop-by-crop through common vegetables and fruits for backyard gardens. Each guide explains how to plant, when to plant, best harvest practises, how to save seeds, and how to deal with common pests and diseases naturally.

In each crop guide, you’ll also find a list of the different crop types to consider growing, plus a list of recommended varieties for each type.  If you’re curious about how to put a particular vegetable or fruit to good use in your cooking, check out the “In the Kitchen” section of each guide.

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