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Become a Roots Member by joining our new Plant CSA!

We are offering the unique opportunity to purchase our vegetable, flower, herb & houseplant seedlings, utilizing the traditional farming CSA model. The term CSA (Community Supported  Agriculture) refers to a network of individuals, who pledge to support a local farm, with the growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of its product. Traditionally, it is for the produce a farm harvests, but our version is for the starter plants we grow:)  

Our plants are all grown using sustainable, environmentally-safe methods and we use all natural soils and chemical free fertilizers and pesticides.

Our focus is on open-pollinated, heirloom varieties; non-hybrid, pesticide & GMO free plants that you typically do not find in “Big Box” stores. 

How does it work?

· Before MARCH 2023, add your ideal garden to your shopping cart and complete the check out process. Utilize the following promo codes to SAVE on your entire heirloom garden. 

Order before December 31, 2022, take 20% off with CSA20.

Order during January 2023, take 17% off with CSA17.

Order during February 2023, take 15% off with CSA15.

· Within 48 hours of your purchase, you will receive an email titled, Welcome Roots Member, to confirm your order and when and where you would like to obtain your plants.


· We do all of the sowing, germinating and growing to have your rooted & healthy starter plants ready by the

  dates best suited for planting them in Zone 5.


Cool Season:  Starting March 21st or at your convenience after.

Warm Season:  Near the end of May or at your convenience before/after.


· Pick up locations include any market date we have scheduled on our LOCATIONS tab on our website or by appointment at the Know Your Roots Farmstead in Canton, Ohio.


· While it is our goal to have all varieties you pre-order available on your preferred pick up date, due to the nature of our business, that is not always possible. Should such occur, we will offer a replacement product of your choice or a refund

Thank You!!!

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