All starter plant varieties listed have been hand picked, due to their proven ability to produce in Ohio. 

While due to nature, we can not guarantee plants, we will do our best to keep the

site up to date with what is currently available.

SPRING STARTER PLANTS will be available starting April 4th, 2020

SUMMER STARTER PLANTS will be available starting May 1st, 2020.

FALL STARTER PLANTS will be available by pre-order only

NOTE: If you pre-order online, you will receive an email within 24 hours to

confirm a date and pick up location of your choice. 


Love full sun and well amended organic soil.

Add a sturdy support system and they will abundantly produce for you until the frost arrives.

A standard cage works well for paste tomato varieties. All others do best with a sturdy 6+ foot stake.


Love full sun and well amended organic soil. Once they have that, they are a breeze to grow!

 Peppers can be grown as perennials, if planted in a container and taken indoors before the frost.  

Standard tomato cages provide great support for prolific varieties.

 They do not tolerate frost. 


These cool season crops are great for early Spring plantings, as well as extending your

gardening season with a Fall planting.

Regular snipping of the outer leaves of lettuces and kale will enable it to continue to produce.  

All but the bottom 2” of beet and turnip leaves can also be cut and enjoyed while the root matures. 


Likes full sun, good drainage and compost. If provided with such, these plants will provide you with enough delicious produce for fresh eating, freezing and even sharing with your neighbors!

Squash is most tender when it is picked young.  

They do not tolerate the frost.  


Require plenty of water, sunlight and warmth.  

A layer of black ground cover will help keep the soil warm enough to make their roots comfortable. 

 They do not tolerate the frost.  


Each have their own specific growing conditions, however, careful picking of fruit will allow for

multiple rounds of produce from each plant.

Start new plants every couple of weeks for fresh beans and peas all season.

Snap Peas and Purple Podded Pole Beans benefit from a trellis system. 


Require warm, fertile, well-drained soil and sunlight and will provide high yields during the heat of Summer.

Utilizing a trellis system will encourage productivity, while limiting pests and disease.  

Cucumbers are most tender when picked young.