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Popular variety producing long green spears. Tastes great and has been the most popular asparagus in American gardens for over a century. Numerous seedlings in each pack. 


These plants will require 2-3 more years to fully mature. For the first couple years, your plant will feature tiny asparagus-like sprouts that may be lightly harvested as the plant becomes established. Harvesting is easy — simply cut the shoots/spears just below the soil surface or just above the ground. In the first few years, as the plants become established and mature, a majority of the spears should be allowed to progress to the “fern” stage to gather nutrients to support future spear development. Asparagus plants are easy to grow in most areas. Since asparagus is a perennial vegetable, it comes back year after year. A good harvest method is simply to select the larger stalks to eat and let the smaller ones leaf-out and support the asparagus plant’s future productivity. After planting, asparagus plants become productive within a few short years (at least two full growing seasons), so look forward to harvesting your own asparagus each year starting in early spring!


Mary Washington Asparagus

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